How can I help you?

Our earth is currently under rapid development, as is our consciousness.  After a long period of darkness, we are heading towards the light. Many of us are still carrying around old DNA-codes, codes from the old era (even children of the new age!), energy blockages or primal traumas. This can lead to all kinds of physical, emotional and / or mental complaints or diseases.

Codes and treatments

All the new energy codes and treatments that I develop are light frequencies, in sync with the current energy and light on Earth. They consist of ultra-thin threads (filaments) of decoded light that live in your cells as millions of fine fibers.  They carry the mathematical language of the light, which represents the history of your existence. By activating one of the codes, you activate or send decoded light through and around your body, which immediately brings information, knowledge and healing.

Treatments are profound processes to resolve unprocessed or unconscious traumas, blockages or obstacles and to get you closer to your true self. Codes are supportive and resonate directly with the part of you that is connected with the code theme. With every code several dimensions come together.  They create relaxation and consciousness so you can transform without difficulty. They bring you into a state of being, present in the now. Codes work on their own, but they are also a very valuable addition to/during and after a treatment. Treatments can take place both in person or remotely (all over the world).

Activating the code

You can easily activate a new energy code yourself. Take a deep breath and look at the image for about one minute (or longer). The part in your body corresponding to the code will resonate with it. It creates relaxation and consciousness so you can develop easily.  It will take you into a state of being, present in the moment.

You can use the code every day for as long as you like. You will know when all the information is absorbed into your being. The energy code also comes with a numeric code. Speak the numbers, as they are written, out loud three times. You can also read the text that comes with the code if you feel so inclined.


You can experience reactions and results at various stages before, during and after experiencing the code. You can experience strong physical sensations (nausea, burning eyes, headaches, etc.) or emotions. You can also feel, see or experience something very subtle or colors or images. Sometimes the reactions will come later or in ways that you may not have imagined. Whatever you experience, the information and the energy will always be recognized by and absorbed into your being.

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