Health is based on balance and awareness in every cell of your body. Diseases and complaints provide insight into your blockages and other barriers in your development path. Healing is done by changing your consciousness. This means that anything that presents itself in your life may be there at all. Living in surrender, from your heart. Be who you really are and take your place on Earth completely. To cure physically is a result. Where necessary you find the help your body needs (regular and/or alternative), you balance your food, you start moving and you complement deficiencies in your body.

Transformation and transmutation

Transformation is a change within the existing reality, while transmutation creates a new reality. Transformation is more focused on practical developments on Earth and transmutation is more focused on the mind and the cosmic developments. Transmutation is putting something ‘ in the light ‘ and making darkness disappears. It causes that debilitating influences get strengthening for you. It is the way of healing at this moment, it has no roots in the past era and uses only the power of light and higher energy.

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