Consciousness and multidimensionality is present in everything what is created.  It includes the visible and the invisible world. Consciousness is the ability of a system to respond to incentives. The extent to which the brain is activated, determines the quality and quantity of the consciousness . The expansion of your consciousness activates the self-healing power. The self healing power is only hampered by unprocessed emotions and grief on all sorts of levels. These unprocessed emotions and grief show themselves as physical or mental symptoms. Each level of consciousness has a certain frequency also called dimension.

Thoughts and words

We put the field of consciousness on  with our thoughts and our words. We manifest directly what we think or say. Language has a tone, a color, a rhythm and a geometry. Just like your thoughts and it is connected to the heart.

Consciousness development

Consciousness development takes place from within, and it affects your energy field. Light is consciousness and relieves unconscious parts that correspond to old (soul) pain and traumatic events. Because of the current consciousness development on Earth everyone has the possibility to solve these unconscious traumas and blockades and to heal themselves. Consciousness development will take place on various levels of creation such as duality, body, soul, unity and personality.

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