All our memories and experiences are stored in our brains. This includes both verbal and non-verbal information of  what you have ever felt, seen and experienced as a human being.  Nerve pathways streamline all the information which your senses pick up. It is important that the nerve pathways are open, clean and available. Synchronizing  various brain parts is essential for a healthy and happy brain.

Replac old habits

Our brains are continuous adapting  and are programmed to change habits. Starting at an early age, we are conditioned and these conditions are encoded  trough  synapses or nerve connections. It is possible to replace the old codes (habits)  for new codes (habits) and you can apply this in a variety of areas of life.

The Amygdala

The Amygdala are organs in the form of an almond in the middle of the head behind the eyes. The basic emotion fear and the comments that accompany it seem to be connected.  The Amygdala have a major impact on the functioning of the rest of the brain, but can hardly be affected with regular means and methods. Reactions continue to  stay unconscious because of the missing  connection with the cerebral cortex.

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